Hello Open Source 👋

Hello Open Source 👋

Open Source can be tough (was for me, still is !) if we don’t know some basic concepts or way of doing things the right way ! To give a context, I didn’t know what is PR or merge in git, till my 4th year of B.Tech.

I didn’t have proper guidance on how to explore open source and how to contribute !

I think most of the beginners struggle at getting started with open source !

To ease this process and get a better understanding of how one can create a PR and start contributing to open source, I took an initiative and created a beginner friendly repository on GitHub to help others in getting started !

I have tried to pen down a step-by-step process on how one can contribute to that repository and register his/her first PR.


I know, there are a lot of other repositories out there to make you comfortable with Open Source contributions, but that is the beauty of it !

When you go Open Source, you will find a lot of like minded people working together, making the community strong, helping each other with their problem (most of the time similar problem) and giving back to the community.

Keep Learning, Keep Sharing !

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Till next time !

Namaste 🙏

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