Python (NEW) Print ?

Python (NEW) Print ?


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Recently, Guido Van Rossum (Creator of Python) presented python community with the idea of new print statement !

When Python 3 replaced print statement (Python 2) with print() function, many felt the transition is smooth and adaptable compared to other changes.

As of now, Python 2 is the legacy version and Van Rossum presents an updated print statement !

>>> print 1+6

Hmm, Nothing New !!

The new parser for print statement has the power to make ANY function in python to be used as a statement.

Yes, ANY function/method can be used as a statement !

>>> len โ€˜abcโ€™
>>> import random
>>> random.randint 2, 5

How crazy is that !!

It is not just new print statement but a new way to look at python statements.

But, it comes with a drawback.

>>> print (2), 10
(None, 10)

Here the parser consider print(2) as function first, then evaluates return of print function (None) and 10 as a tuple, hence the output.

Anyway, it is really amazing to see generic way of using statements in-place of other functions !

Would you love to use a python statement over a function ? If not, why is that ?

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Till next time !

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